Solutions For Researchers

Research made the PAM® survey what it is, and you hold the key to what it will become.

Incorporate the science of health activation into your next research study.

For Researchers

Each year dozens of leading academic researchers and health scientists license the Patient Activation Measure® as a reliable and valid outcome measure to determine the effectiveness of new treatments and interventions.

Insignia is pleased to support this work because, well, we're patients too! The more PAM can help researchers, the more their work will help us all.

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Activation Research Results

Researchers working with Insignia Health's PAM-based solutions have made some great discoveries.

PAM is predictive of future healthcare costs

Patients with the lowest activation levels had predicted average costs 8%-21% higher than patients with the highest activation levels.1

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PAM is predictive of medication and treatment compliance

Lower-activated patients are less likely to look out for themselves and follow a provider’s advice than higher activated patients.2


PAM is predictive of quality outcomes

Higher baseline activation levels were predictive of better outcomes two years later for nine health indicators, like having normal LDL, obtaining cancer screenings and no ED visits.3

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