Research by Subject: eHealth

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Nov 2016 Patient perceptions of a Virtual Health Room installation in rural Sweden
Jan 2016 The Motivating Function of Healthcare Professional in eHealth and mHealth Interventions for Type 2 Diabetes Patients and the Mediating Role of Patient Engagement
Jan 2015 Mobile-Web App to Self-Manage Low Back Pain: Randomized Controlled Trial
Dec 2014 Development and Pilot Testing of an Integrated, Web-Based Self-Management Program for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Dec 2014 The Association Between Patient Activation and Accessing Online Health Information: Results From a National Survey of US Adults
Nov 2014 A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Magnitude of Association of Patient Activation in HIV-Infected Veterans Who Use Electronic Personal Health Records
Oct 2014 The Impact of an Incentive on the Use of an Online Self-Directed Wellness and Self-Management Program
Oct 2014 Online Activity and Participation in Treatment Affects the Perceived Efficacy of Social Health Networks Among Patients With Chronic Illness
Apr 2014 Patient Activation And Use Of An Electronic Patient Portal
Mar 2014 Using the iPod Touch for Patient Health Behavior Assessment and Health Promotion in Primary Care
Oct 2013 Adoption of Electronic Personal Health Records by Chronic Disease Patients: Integrating Protection Motivation Theory and Task-Technology Fit
Oct 2013 Two Useful Tools: To Improve Patient Engagement and Transition From the Hospital
Jul 2012 Patient And phaRmacist Telephonic Encounters (PARTE) in an Underserved Rural Patient Population with Asthma: Results of a Pilot Study
Jan 2012 Effects of a Web-Based Intervention for Adults With Chronic Conditions on Patient Activation: Online Randomized Controlled Trial
Jun 2010 The Internet Diabetes Self-Management Workshop for American Indians and Alaska Native
Mar 2010 On-line Diabetes Self-Management Program, A Randomized Study
Jan 2009 Participation in Online Patient Support Groups Endorses Patients’ Empowerment