Research by Author: Greene, J

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
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Mar 2016 Adding a Measure of Patient Self-Management Capability to Risk Assessment Can Improve Prediction of High Costs
Jan 2016 Electronic Health Records and Patient Activation–Their Interactive Role in Medication Adherence
Aug 2015 Who’s Aware of and Using Public Reports of Provider Quality?
Mar 2015 When Patient Activation Levels Change, Health Outcomes and Costs Change Too
Feb 2015 Taking the Long View: How Well Do Patient Activation Scores Predict Outcomes Four Years Later?
Dec 2014 How Well Do Patient Activation Scores Predict Depression Outcomes One Year Later?
Oct 2014 The Impact of an Incentive on the Use of an Online Self-Directed Wellness and Self-Management Program
Jul 2013 When Seeing The Same Physician, Highly Activated Patients Have Better Care Experiences Than Less Activated Patients
Feb 2013 What the Evidence Shows about Patient Activation: Better Health Outcomes and Care Experiences; Fewer Data on Costs
Feb 2013 Patients With Lower Activation Associated With Higher Costs; Delivery Systems Should Know Their Patients’ Scores
May 2012 Why Does Patient Activation Matter? An Examination of the Relationships Between Patient Activation and Health-Related Outcomes
Dec 2011 Who Are We Reaching Through the Patient Portal: Engaging the Already Engaged?
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Dec 2008 Plan Design and Activated Consumers
Sep 2008 Racial/Ethnic Disparities and Consumer Health Activation
Feb 2008 Telephone and Web: Mixed Mode Challenge
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Jun 2005 How Much Do Health Literacy and Patient Activation Contribute to Older Adults’ Ability to Manage Their Health?