Research by Source: Journal of General Internal Medicine

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Feb 2017 A Multilevel Analysis of Patient Engagement and Patient-Reported Outcomes in Primary Care Practices of Accountable Care Organizations
Sep 2016 Patient and Partner Feedback Reports to Improve Statin Medication Adherence: A Randomized Control Trial
Mar 2016 Assessing the Associations of Patient-Reported Perceptions of Patient-Centered Care as Supplemental Measures of Health Care Quality in VA
Feb 2014 Patient Activation and 30-day Post-Discharge Hospital Utilization
May 2013 Patient Activation and Improved Outcomes in HIV-Infected Patients
May 2012 Why Does Patient Activation Matter? An Examination of the Relationships Between Patient Activation and Health-Related Outcomes
Nov 2009 The Role of Patient Activation on Patient-Provider Communication and Quality of Care for US and Foreign Born Latinos
Jul 2009 Activation and Perceived Expectancies: Correlations with Health Outcomes Among Veterans with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.