Research by Subject: Chronic disease

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Sep 2016 Validation of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM-13) among adults with cardiac conditions in Singapore
Aug 2016 Frequent Surfing on Social Health Networks is Associated With Increased Knowledge and Patient Health Activation
Jun 2016 The Relation between Self-Management of People with Chronic Diseases and Personality based on the Personal Health Record
Jan 2016 Psychosocial health coaching for chronically ill in a telehealth context: a pilot study
Dec 2015 Consumer Use of ‘Dr Google’: A Survey on Health Information-Seeking Behaviors and Navigational Needs
Dec 2015 Psychometric Properties of the Patient Activation Measure in Multimorbid Hospitalized Patients
Feb 2015 Taking the Long View: How Well Do Patient Activation Scores Predict Outcomes Four Years Later?
Feb 2015 An Evaluation of a Self-Management Program for Patients with Long-Term Conditions.
Feb 2015 Joint influence of patient-assessed chronic illness care and patient activation on glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes
Jan 2015 The Effect of Online Chronic Disease Personas on Activation: Within-Subjects and Between-Groups Analyses
Dec 2014 Engaged Patients Engaged Partnerships: Singles and Partners Dealing with an Acute Cardiac Event
Dec 2014 Use of an Electronic Patient Portal Among the Chronically Ill: An Observational Study
Dec 2014 Developments in Patient Activation of People with Chronic Illness and the Impact of Changes in Self-Reported Health: Results of a Nationwide Longitudinal Study in The Netherlands
Nov 2014 Psychometric Properties of the Hebrew Translation of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM-13)
Nov 2014 A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Magnitude of Association of Patient Activation in HIV-Infected Veterans Who Use Electronic Personal Health Records
Nov 2014 The Effect of a Patient Portal with Electronic Messaging on Patient Activation Among Chronically Ill Patients: Controlled Before-and-After Study
May 2014 Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in Primary Care: An Observational Pilot Study of Seven Generic Instruments
May 2014 Participation of Chronic Patients in Medical Consultations: Patients' Perceived Efficacy, Barriers and Interest in Support
May 2014 Preparing Adolescents with Chronic Disease for Transition to Adult Care: A Technology Program
Apr 2014 Long-term Effects of a Nurse-led Group and Individual Patient Education Programme for Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Polyarthritis - A Randomised Controlled Trial.
Mar 2014 Healthcare Task Difficulty Among Older Adults With Multimorbidity
Mar 2014 Patient Factors That Affect Quality of Colonoscopy Preparation
Oct 2013 Patient Satisfaction and Perceived Success with a Telephonic Health Coaching Program: The Natural Experiments for Translation in Diabetes (NEXT-D) Study, Northern California
Oct 2013 Adoption of Electronic Personal Health Records by Chronic Disease Patients: Integrating Protection Motivation Theory and Task-Technology Fit
Oct 2013 Psychometric Evaluation of the German Version of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM-13)
Apr 2013 Extending Physician ReACH: Influencing Patient Activation and Behavior Through Multichannel Physician Communication
Feb 2013 Impact of a Patient-Centered Medical Home on Access, Quality, and Cost
Jan 2013 Improving Confidence for Self Care in Patients with Depression and Chronic Illnesses
Jan 2013 Effect of Patient Activation on Self-Management in Patients with Heart Failure.
Dec 2012 Measuring Patient Activation in The Netherlands: Translation and Validation of the American Short Form Patient Activation Measure (PAM13)
Oct 2012 Living Well: An Intervention to Improve Self-Management of Medical Illness for Individuals With Serious Mental Illness
Oct 2012 Care Coordination for the Chronically Ill: Understanding the Patient's Perspective
Jul 2012 Predictors of 1-Year Change in Patient Activation in Older Adults with Diabetes Mellitus and Heart Disease
Jul 2012 An Exploration of the Reasons for Frequent Readmissions in Patients with Chronic Disease: Activation from Frequent Flyers to Self-Management
Jul 2012 Patient And phaRmacist Telephonic Encounters (PARTE) in an Underserved Rural Patient Population with Asthma: Results of a Pilot Study
Jun 2012 Patient-Physician Role Relationships and Patient Activation Among Individuals with Chronic Illness
Jan 2012 Effects of a Web-Based Intervention for Adults With Chronic Conditions on Patient Activation: Online Randomized Controlled Trial
Dec 2011 The In Vivo Adherence Intervention For at Risk Adolescents With Asthma: Report of a Randomized Pilot Trial
Nov 2011 Post-Discharge Intervention in Vulnerable Chronically Ill Patients
Jul 2011 Activation Among Chronically Ill Older Adults with Complex Medical Needs: Challenges to Supporting Effective Self-Management
Jul 2011 Modifiable Disease Risk, Readiness to Change, and Psychosocial Functioning Improve with Integrative Medicine Immersion Model
May 2011 The Role of Patient Activation in Frequent Attendance at Primary Care: A Population-Based Study of People with Chronic Disease
May 2011 Patient Activation in Primary Healthcare: A Comparison Between Healthier Individuals and Those with a Chronic Illness
Apr 2011 Psychometric Properties of the Patient Activation Measure among Multimorbid Older Adults
Nov 2010 Making the Most of Your Health Care Intervention For Older Adults With Multiple Chronic Illnesses
Aug 2010 Activating Seniors to Improve Chronic Disease Care
May 2010 Evaluation Of A Disease Specific Self-Management Programme For People With COPD
Mar 2010 On-line Diabetes Self-Management Program, A Randomized Study
Feb 2010 Motivational Interviewing-Based Health Coaching as a Chronic Care Intervention
Dec 2009 How Do People With Different Levels of Activation Self-Manage Their Chronic Conditions?
Jun 2009 Improving the Outcomes of Disease-Management by Tailoring Care to the Patient’s Level of Activation
May 2009 The Contribution of Consumer Health Organizations to Chronic Disease Self-Management in the Context of Primary Care
Apr 2009 Beyond 50.09. Chronic Care: A Call to Action for Healthcare
Dec 2008 Evaluation of Washington State Medicaid Chronic Care Management Projects Qualitative Report
Jan 2007 Is Patient Activation Associated with Outcomes of Care for Adults with Chronic Conditions?
May 2005 Development and Validation of the Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC)