Research by Subject: Health Literacy

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Mar 2017 Patient Portals as a Tool for Health Care Engagement: A Mixed-Method Study of Older Adults With Varying Levels of Health Literacy and Prior Patient Portal Use
Aug 2016 Health Literacy and Education as Mediators of Racial Disparities in Patient Activation Within an Elderly Patient Cohort
Apr 2016 Relationships among Health Literacy, Severity of Disease, Patient Engagement, Perception of Person-Centered Care and Quality of Life in Patients after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
Feb 2016 Validation of an Interaction Model of Health Behavior Among Adults With Hypertension
Jan 2016 Racial disparities and patient activation; Evaluating the mediating role of health literacy
Dec 2015 Consumer Use of ‘Dr Google’: A Survey on Health Information-Seeking Behaviors and Navigational Needs
Dec 2015 Help-Seeking Behavior and Health Care Navigation by Bhutanese Refugees
Oct 2015 The Influence of Health Literacy and Patient Activation on Patient Information Seeking and Sharing
Oct 2015 Assessing Patient Activation and Health Literacy in the Emergency Department
Jan 2014 Patient Activation and Health Literacy as Predictors of Health Information Use in a General Sample of Dutch Health Care Consumers