Research Licenses

I would like to use PAM in a research study...

In an effort to continually improve our collective knowledge about activation, Insignia Health is pleased to offer a limited number of free and reduced-fee PAM licenses to healthcare researchers. To qualify for one these licenses, a research study must meet certain minimum requirements:

  • The study must be academic-caliber with a clear research design and methodology, and intent to publish.
  • The study may not use PAM to validate another measurement of activation, engagement, self-management or similar construct, or to validate a commercial/proprietary health intervention.
  • The researcher or institution must share the entire data set (de-identified) with Insignia Health at the conclusion of the study.
  • The study should have a minimum sample size of 100 unique individuals.

If your study meets these parameters, please proceed to our Research License service center for more information on obtaining a PAM-only research license.

Insignia Health will reply within 5-7 business days with acceptance or denial of your request.