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About Us


Our story begins in 2006 with the technology transfer of the Patient Activation Measure® and related works from the University of Oregon to Insignia Health. The development of PAM® was led by Dr. Judith Hibbard, collaborator Dr. Bill Mahoney and other university colleagues.


We continue to support academic health research with hundreds of studies in process across the world and over 300 independent, peer-reviewed research studies published to date.  In addition, our clients' real-world application of PAM, Coaching for Activation and Flourishto measure and improve activation continues to grow each day.  This combination of science and practice informs our understanding of how activation drives consumer behavior, empowering individuals to better manage their health.


Our mission is to change the world of healthcare to be activation-focused because as activation increases, costs go down and quality and satisfaction improve.  This is an audacious goal, but one that is achievable and so very worthy of the effort.  Please join us in our global health activation journey!

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Chris Delaney

CEO and Co-Founder

Craig Swanson

President and Co-Founder

Judith Hibbard

Lead PAM Inventor and Chief Researcher

Dan Porter

V.P. of Product Development

Steve Christianson

V.P. of Client Services

Jim Honish

Senior Director, Marketing

Brian Fanslau

Director of Technology

Karl Fischer

V.P. of Business Development